1. Thou shalt not fail to wave to a fellow Corvette Owner.

2. Thou shalt not pass a fellow Corvette Owner in distress without offering aid.

3. Thou shalt not feed thy Corvette budget grade fuel.

4. Thou shalt treat thy Corvette with respect, great power and great responsibility.

5. Thou shalt keep thy Corvette clean and waxed at all times, yet thou shalt not bring thy Corvette to an automatic car wash.

6. Thou shalt park thy Corvette in such a manner as to protect her tender fenders.

7. Thou shalt blow out carbon with a high speed run as required.

8. Thou shalt not cruise on an unpaved road.

9. Neither friend, nor foe, or even thy spouse may drive thy Corvette without first showing proper reverence.

10. Each Corvette is an individual work of art. Judge not lest ye be judged

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