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New Date's High Performance Driving School of Corvette

A note from Darci Bolen for all you new C8 owners or if you just want to drive a C8.


 We have released new dates! Please read all the info below. Please email me with which date you are wanting to book, if we have the availability, I will hold you a seat and call you as soon as I am able to finalize. These dates will fill FAST!! We get very inundated when we release dates, the best way to contact me is VIA email.


Level 1 dates:

  • October 23-24

  • November 4-5


As the “Official High Performance Driving School of Corvette,” you will receive first-class instruction in current model Corvettes. The cost of the two-day Intro to Open Lapping: Level 1 program in a C8 Stingray is $4,095.00.


If you are a new C8 owner and meet all requirements, you may be eligible to receive this two-day school for $1,595.00 plus one included night of accommodations. Only first retail purchasers of new and unused C8 Stingray Corvettes are eligible. The certificate is not transferable, only one owner per VIN, and you must have taken delivery of the car to book the school. The certificate is only good for one year from the date you took delivery of the car.


Our Intro to Open-Lapping program takes the Corvette Owners School to the next level, focusing less on Corvette electronics and more on universal car control and cornering techniques. You’ll experience even more track time and an introduction to open-lapping, learning how to safely and properly pass other drivers without instructor guidance.


The goal for all levels of our school is to provide an exciting and educational, adrenaline-charged program. Through a dynamic series of car control exercises and maneuvers developed by Corvette Racing legend Ron Fellows, we have developed a curriculum that will help you learn to process information quickly and accurately – the most important skills in the high-performance environment. Our step-by-step program integrates the exercises and maneuvers to coordinate eyes, hands, and feet providing you with a baseline for car control that will have you balancing your car with confidence and finesse. All of our Corvettes are equipped with two-way radio communications providing constant contact with our team of instructors. 


Please refer to the website under “Calendar” for additional dates as they are released. Make sure to choose “Level 1” as your school option.



Things to Know:


  • Times to Note –

  • Breakfast – Breakfast is served from 6:45AM-7:30AM in the Clubhouse. Registration is no longer held the first morning of your class. You will go from breakfast in the Clubhouse to your assigned classroom, which will be indicated by the color of your wristband and marked on your map that you will receive upon arrival.

  • Class – All classes are 8AM-4PM BOTH DAYS. There will be an hour dedicated to lunch, which will be served in the Clubhouse.

  • Check-In – Condo check-in begins at 3:00PM. We have 24/7 Security that can assist with check-ins if you plan on arriving late. If you wish to stay somewhere else the night before your first day of class, we ask that you make sure you are at our facility no later than 7:30AM the next morning. If you are coming from Las Vegas the morning of your first day of class, we suggest you leave no later than 6:00AM.

  • Check-Out – Condo check-out is at 11:00AM the morning of your last day of class. As a student, you will want to make sure you are checked out of your room before heading to class at 8:00AM that day, since you will not have a chance to return before check-out time. If you are bringing a guest, they can stay in the room until 11:00AM.


  • Accommodations – New C8 owners will receive 1 night of accommodations included in their package, with an option to purchase 1 additional night. Those paying the retail cost of the school will have to pay for accommodations separately. (Accommodations are based on availability. If onsite accommodations are not available, alternate accommodations will be provided.)

  • Pricing – The cost per night starts at $135 and goes up to $218 based on availability at the time of booking. Due to our availability, we can only accommodate the night before the first class and the night in-between. We will not be able to accommodate the night after the second day of class, as we have other students and members checking in.

  • Recommended Additional Stays – If you need any additional nights added to your stay, we recommend The Silverton located near the Las Vegas airport; their number is (866) 722-4608. We also recommend The Holiday Inn Express in Pahrump; their number is (775) 727-9100.


  • Guests / Amenities – Guest will be allowed in the classroom during all classroom sessions of the program, as well as participate in a ride-along with the instructors.

  • Guest Fee – If you plan on bringing a guest, the guest fee will be $40 per person. This $40 is the total for the entire duration of the program and will cover each guest for their meals, amenities, ride-alongs, etc.

  • Amenities – Our amenities include a pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, basketball court, horseshoe pit, Clubhouse, viewing towers, and an on-call massage. If you are interested in booking a massage, please call Tina at (775) 513-9360 for pricing and scheduling.


  • Meals – Breakfast and lunch will be provided in the Clubhouse both days of your school, prepared by our on-site Executive Chef. Dinner will be the student’s responsibility. Spring Mountain will provide a list of restaurants we recommend in town. 


  • Transportation – Depending on where you are located, you may need to book a flight into Las Vegas. The airport to fly into would be Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran International Airport). Las Vegas is about 55 miles from our facility. While taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc. may be available from Las Vegas to Pahrump, they will not be available from Pahrump to Las Vegas. You must have a vehicle. Some buildings on property may be up to 1.5 miles away. We recommend your guest accompany you to breakfast and drop you off at the classroom, use the vehicle for their leisure during the day, and return to pick you up from class. Students will be provided all necessary transportation during class hours, allowing the guest to use the vehicle.


  • Dress Attire – Please dress comfortably. Jeans/shorts and a t-shirt are perfectly acceptable. We recommend driving shoes if you have them. If you do not have driving shoes, please make sure you are wearing a pair of tennis shoes. You may not wear sandals, boots, heels, etc. Helmets will be provided for you at the facility.


  • SD Card/PDR System – All of our cars are equipped with a PDR (Performance Data Recorder). Each student will be provided an SD card to record their track sessions. 


  • Liability Waiver  Each student will sign a waiver stating they are responsible for the first $8,000 of any external damages to the vehicle. This applies to external damages only. Anything after $8,000, Spring Mountain will cover.

  • Buy-Down Option – However, you do have the option to buy your liability from $8,000 down to $2,000. The cost to do that would be $200. This waiver will be sent through Signeasy once your decision has been made. 


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Again, thank you for your interest!





Darci Bolen

Sales Associate

Spring Mountain Motorsports

4767 South Highway 160

Pahrump, NV 89048

Toll Free: 800-391-6891 Ext. 224

Phone: (775) 727-6363

Fax: (775) 727-6366


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