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Are you interested in a road trip to North Carolina to Hendrick’s Man Cave

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

This event is NOW CLOSED we have reached the MAX number.

The Hendrick Heritage Center (aka Hendrick’s Man Cave) is a breath-taking 58,000 square-foot museum dedicated to the heritage of Rick Hendrick and his passion for classic and high-performance cars. Stepping inside the door will take you back in time to when American muscle cars ruled the street and gas was only 31 cents a gallon. The Hendrick Heritage Center currently houses more than 100 of the finest and rarest automobiles you will ever see in one place. It is not open to the public; however, if your car club makes advance reservations, you will be able to see this wonder for yourself.

One of the tools Mr. Hendricks uses to raise funds for his Hendrick Family Foundation is requesting a donation of $25 per person for each guided tour of the Heritage Center museum. Receipts are provided for the full amount of your donation for tax purposes.

Right now we are trying to gauge if there is any interest for this excursion. The Heritage Center tour requires a minimum of 25 participants. If we have 25+ individuals that are interested in participating in this road trip more information will be provided. If you are interested in going, send me a quick email just to let you know you would like to go. (

There will also be a visit to the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.

I have already set a date – June 23-26 and tentatively secured a block of hotel rooms for us at the Concord NC Hilton Homewood Suites property.

More to follow…..

Bill O

Public Relation Dir Vets with Vettes


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