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Vets N Vettes event at NCM is moving back to November.

A number of us Ambassador have sent emails to NCM to move Vets N Vettes back to November below is an email trail.

Hi fellow Vets and Vets N Vettes enthusiasts!

Our email requests to NCM leadership have proven successful!

Vets N Vettes will return to the November timeframe!

Please pass this good news on to any of your contacts who expressed concern.

All the best,


Subject: Re: Vets N Vettes

Good Evening,

Apologies for the delay in responding; as you mentioned, the start of a new year comes with catching up from post-holiday blues and getting back up and running full speed. Thank you for your thoughtful email and perspective on our military appreciation efforts.

I deeply value and appreciate every Corvette Community member, especially those currently serving our country in the Armed Forces, along with our Corvette Veterans. You have shown unwavering support and immense sacrifice for our country.

We work hard to ask for input throughout the year on any event introduced to the National Corvette Museum calendar, and the gravitas and importance around Military Appreciation Month and Veterans Day puts even more weight on those decisions. Your opinions matter to us; we always have an open ear for our Corvette Community.

In consideration of supporting all active duty service members and Veterans, we remain committed and will continue to expand our efforts to honor National Military Appreciation Month every May. However, after further consideration and discussion with the museum’s leadership team, we will return to the traditional November date for our Vets ‘n Vettes program.

We are finalizing details for the May and November festivities, but we hope this decision underscores our commitment to honor everyone who has served or is serving.

Your feedback and support mean so much to us, and we thank you for being a part of the National Corvette Museum family. Look for more information about our Veterans Day event soon.

Please feel free to pass this news along to those within the Vets ‘n Vettes circles you are connected with, along with my sincere appreciation for their service to our country and support of our museum.

My best,


Sharon A. Brawner

President & CEO

National Corvette Museum

350 Corvette Drive

Bowling Green, KY 42101

270.467.8821 Direct | 615.300.5864 Cell

270.781.5286 FAX

Hi Sharon, and Happy New Year!

I’m following up on this email I sent you just before the new year. I imagine that you’ve been busy catching up after the holidays, but wanted to ensure that you got my request for reconsideration of the Vets N Vettes dates.

I know many Veterans and Museum enthusiasts share my opinion. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Warm regards,


Hi Sharon,

I’m writing to ask you to reconsider the dates for Vets N Vettes. For years, NCM has sponsored the event around Veterans Day in November. I believe the event’s move to May is not as appropriate — and beneficial to the Museum — as the November date for a few reasons.

First, the NCM event, by its title, is about celebrating Veterans. The United States has celebrated Veterans Day since Congress designated it in 1918. While the newly designated “Military Appreciation Month” is an opportunity to recognize service members, their spouses, and the institutions providing support to military families, it does NOT supplant the celebration of Veterans Day!

Secondly, continuing Vets N Vettes in the fall of the year offers attendees a distinct time of year to extend enjoyment of their cars, the Motorsports Park, and the Museum. It would also afford the Museum’s continued support of Bowling Green’s Veterans Day Parade, during which Vets N Vettes attendees provided a huge, very popular addition to that well-attended civic event. Our long, double column of Corvettes was arguably the most impressive part of the Parade, and the kids loved the candy thrown to them by our Corvette drivers/passengers!

Lastly, I believe the Museum is scheduling Vets N Vettes too close on the heals of BASH. As a result, I’ve heard many enthusiasts — and fellow Veterans — lament that they simply cannot take 2 vacations — within 2 weeks of one another — to attend both events! This schedule is limiting attendance, and hence, revenue for the Museum!

As a Master Ambassador to the Museum, I recall your comments to the Ambassadors Convention — “How can NCM help us to help the Museum move forward?;” that you “Love constructive criticism;” and “Keep the fire burning. Let us know how to help you.” I know that one of your visions for the Museum is to be an integral part of Bowling Green’s tourism. I hope that you’ll seriously consider my inputs in the light of your guidance.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to another great year of association with the National Corvette Museum!

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