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Caravan 2024 FYI

Some FYI on the Caravan; this was sent to the captains on how things will work for arrival at NCM.

We are getting really close, and you will be getting you registration credentials after the July 8 regional caravan registration closes.


I want to go over Wednesday’s arrivals.

The National Corvette Museum Staff has worked hard to get this caravan a finish line!  Working with the Kentucky State Police, Warren County Sheriff Department, Bowling Green Police Department, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to allow our caravans to get off on Exit 28.  Once caravans have taken the ramp (both North & South bound), the Corvettes will take the loop around the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and continue on Corvette Drive to drive past the National Corvette Museum before arriving at the various parking lots.  The stop light getting off the exit ramp and the stop light to turn right by the plant will both be controlled by local law enforcement.  After the Corvettes have stopped at the edge of the loop around the plant and gathered back together, the group will be released through the stop light, cross the highway in front of the Museum (which will also be controlled by law enforcement) before finally passing the Museum.  This process will guarantee that Corvettes get off the interstate safely and the caravans can quickly get through the light and by the Museum to allow the next caravan to depart from their final staging location before coming to the Museum.


All caravans arriving on Wednesday, August 28th will need to send your last staging address, what time you plan to arrive at the last staging address, what time you would prefer to leave the staging address, how long it will take to travel with your size caravan to the Museum, and what time you would ideally like to arrive at the Museum.  From that information, we will put together a schedule and let you know when we think you can depart your staging location and arrive at the Museum.  This will be an estimate and may change on the day of due to delays or congestion at the Museum.   If there are any traffic accidents or congestion, we will hold the next caravan until it is safe.  Please remember that Warren County Public Schools has asked that No caravans arrive between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm CT


Before Wednesday, please let your participants know that we are asking everyone to be flexible and wait until you are called and told you can depart for the Museum.  Once the caravan in front of yours has successfully cleared the interstate and law enforcement has approved the next caravan to arrive, we will call you and release your group to leave.  Participants CANNOT depart the last staging location until they have been released by the Museum.  Any Corvettes that do not come in with the organized caravan will get turned left at the light and will not be allowed to circle the plant.  


Also, the Museum’s main building, parking lots, and shuttle service will close at 5pm CT on Wednesday.  The NCM Motorsport Park will be hosting their Casino Night at the MSP so their vendors and main building will also close at that time.  We are working with law enforcement to see if the loop of the plant and drive by the Museum on Corvette Drive can be made available to caravans after 5 pm and will update everyone once that is solidified.


I know this could be a issue for some but this is the best we could do.

But Thanks for all you do.



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