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Faye & Jeff Wishik
Oct 05, 2022
In Open Discussion
There are folks that are getting it done In today’s business environment.Following the recent James Clemens Homecoming parade I parked the C5 to learn the next morning that I had no control of the automatic shifter. Couldn’t address for a couple of weeks. A couple of days ago I contacted Ace towing and set up an appointment for this morning. They showed up a few minutes early and retrieved the car out of the garage with extreme care. Hauled it to Lynn Layton in Decatur. 1+30 hrs later it was diagnosed as a broken shifter cable and at 4 pm I got a call to pick it up. Amazing. Oh did I mention that Lynn Layton had the part for a 20 yr old car in stock. Should I say “what a day”. I don’t like it when businesses don’t measure up but I sure like to know those that do. Thanks to Ace Towing and Lynn Layton Chevrolet.

Faye & Jeff Wishik

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