3 October 2021 NASCAR Race at Talladega Speedway

Updated: Oct 4

Below is information from my discussions with Nino, in the Sales Office at Talladega Speedway. The race is 3 Oct 2021 on the calendar so you can sign up and stay informed as new information becomes available. I know its a long way off but we need some kind of head count to give Nino.

EVENT: Participate in a flag ceremony at the October 2021 NASCAR race at Talladega Speedway and attend the race at a reduced ticket price. Included in event participation is a separate drive your Corvette on the track day on a date of our choice coordinated with the track.

Q: What is involved with our participation?

A: We would have designated parking near the entrance to the track; we would be responsible for purchasing tickets to the race at a reduced cost (approximately $75 for Parking, Ticket, Track Day, Co-Pilot $35); provide 40-50 club members to hold the flag at the opening ceremony; we can invite other clubs with our club; and we would have a designated area to sit in the stands (Anniston Grand Stands at the entrance to Pit Road). We would also provide a club bio for use by the announcer during the flag ceremony.

Q: What is the “track day”?

A: Everyone that participates in the flag ceremony would be included in a “track day” with laps around the track at speeds of 95-100 miles per hour on a date coordinated with Talladega. Participants would be tracked by Talladega and there is a possibility of allowing non-participants in the flag ceremony to run the track. (We could also get a weekend day for this.)

Q: What is the lead time?

A: The sooner the better but at least 2-3 months. We are penciled in for October 2021.

Q: Is there a partner hotel so we can spend the night before/after the race?

A: There was a hotel they worked with in the past but that partnership has expired. Our POC is going to see if it was renewed or if there is a new one.

Q: Is the national anthem played prior to the start of the race?

A: Yes

Q: Do they still have the military flyover?

A: Dependent upon the availability/funding for flyovers. The military is asked to do the flyover but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Does the track allow participants to kneel during the national anthem?

A: No

Questions call me:

Bill O



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