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Horsepower Therapy

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday morning?? Then break out those rides and join us at the Stovehouse for HPT Cars and Coffee every 3rd Saturday of the Month.

Horsepower Therapy and Charlie Foster's Coffee shop have teamed up to provide a location for veterans and non-veterans to cruise in, hang out, enjoy a cup of Joe, talk about cars, tell stories (lies), and enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t matter what you are driving…. Hot Rod, Cruiser, Lifted Jeep, Lowered Truck, Motorcycle, or even your daily driver. It’s about the journey, not the ride.

Parking is in the main lot along Governors drive.

One of the primary missions of Horsepower Therapy is to provide methods and opportunities for veterans and families to be around cars and experience the benefit of horsepower therapy. What better way, locally, then to have a place to meet, greet, and be a community of veteran car owners. Maybe you need help with a project, maybe you could use some advice on a project, or maybe you just want to show off

Come on out, and enjoy a great cup of Joe!

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