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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the purpose of the club?
    Our purpose is to enjoy America's sports car in a family atmosphere through various events. From time to time we support civic organizations, benefiting others through participating in cruises and sponsoring local car shows. We do so in true military style "by show of force" typically congregating off-site and arriving at the event en masse.
  • Do I have be a veteran to join?
    You need not be a military veteran to join. You need only to share in the passion. Some members served our nation in a branch of America's Armed Service's, some served as a civil servant or a contractor, and some of us are still serving - but any Corvette owner with a heart for veterans is welcome and encouraged to join. Our membership is comprised of Corvette enthusiasts who are proud to support America's Veterans and who collectively endorse community charities.
  • How do I join?
    You can join by printing and mailing our application form or you can apply online via the site. For more details, visit our JOIN page.
  • Are there membership dues?
    We charge a one-time membership fee of $40. Club dues are $30/year and are due January 1 of each year.
  • What type activities and events does the club support?
    We participate in a wide variety of events ranging from local car shows, cruises, monthly get togethers and other non-car related activities. Our biggest events are our annual charity car show in April, the Huntsville Veteran's Day parade and the Madison Street Festival car show. Visit our Calendar of Events to see what we have on tap. Additionally, take a moment and visit our Photo Gallery section to view pictures of previous activities and events.
  • How do events get published on the calendar?
    If you are a club member and are logged into the web site, just click the date number on the calendar to submit your event. The webmaster will then review and publish the event for you. If you are a visitor to the web site, use the Contact Us page to submit your event for consideration.
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